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K'atia Boutique commented on 832882  July 30, 2014

I load my phone with google for street wars and got highjack its my company phone and I want it back

hy commented on 512400  July 30, 2014

calls and then does not speak and does not answer when you call back - this is a scam

jaime commented on 307274  July 26, 2014

hey baby

Kedra commented on 4044380916  July 21, 2014

Ha ha Ha

todd jones commented on 773312  June 25, 2014

over 200 calls, now calling and using vulgar language , really need help

kay cutter commented on 773312  June 25, 2014

call from cash advance Can't talk very good English afraid to give them information all kinds of office background like a solicitation place

Loyalty commented on 403383  June 21, 2014

I want

aj commented on 214486  May 31, 2014

let me find out you're doing this!

Brittany Claybrook commented on 704308  April 28, 2014

This is my supposed bf that lives in ILLINOIS but apparently it isnt

Brittany Claybrook commented on 704308  April 28, 2014

This is my bf or supposedly my bf

Crap commented on 704242  April 26, 2014

Don't commit to buy things when you don't even want to pay.Thanks and hope you're having a bad day :)

sucker commented on 2066613672  April 22, 2014

Yeah. its free riiiightwhores

jordan commented on 480966  April 22, 2014

very rude and consantly calls saying they are watching and will catch me and keep me as there slave (sex,working) and will end my entire family

dirt commented on 773668  April 15, 2014

Carnival cruise scam

bryan commented on 4065791408  April 13, 2014

Who are you

Jeanne commented on 724437  March 30, 2014

Are you an individual wanting scrapbook supplies. I have some supplies I would like to give to someone. Thanks j

engr commented on 704225  March 26, 2014


Zuleika Gonzalez commented on 787297  March 25, 2014

No tengo servicio de internet. No puedo configurar Los APN

Zuleika Gonzalez commented on 787297  March 25, 2014

No puedo acceder a Los apn! No tengo servicio de internet

Anthony commented on 773647  March 24, 2014

Espero y esto funcione gracias

Angela commented on 925301  March 17, 2014

i going to report you to the police if you dont stop calling and hanging up on me if you want to talk to craig .Ill you have to do is ask. I dont care.doesnt mean shit to me.but i dont appreciate the disrepe3ct

Tms commented on 651739  March 15, 2014


KatKab commented on 832353  March 13, 2014

Katkab is a ride service for galveston, Texas city, sante fe, bycliffe, Webster, clear lake, kema, and all other surroundings areas great Rates great time and reliable service

TIM SHEA commented on 414489  March 12, 2014

REMOVE 608-882-5469 AND 608-513-3478 FROM CALLING LISTINGS

sexy mama commented on 724516  March 7, 2014

7245160750 call me!

david vargas commented on 760567  February 28, 2014

Why I cand see my information complete.

mark commented on 5672396559  February 27, 2014

fran ive been with denise for 8 years we was going to get maried now this pop up glad you told me she still is saying you are lieing i know better please let me know everything this is my life she is messing with so please stop over 303 walnut st nothing will happen to to im not mad at you at all you didnt know but i need to know the turth please

katrina commented on 4066472325  February 27, 2014

who r u

Big ass mouth commented on 256683  February 27, 2014

U think its cool to go online and talk to other bitches and look at them when u got a good woman at home. U talk about my fucking attitude well maybe this is why

Big ass mouth commented on 256683  February 27, 2014

I hate a lying motherfucker

Dddadx commented on 702504  February 24, 2014


Dddadx commented on 702504  February 24, 2014


Dddadx commented on 702504  February 24, 2014


Lorin Gould commented on 8322754993  February 21, 2014

I got a text from this number, I don't know: "I see you don't want to chat!!" I text back : What? I then get text "It's Christina" I don't know any Christina around here.

Sherrill Owens commented on 3126472847  February 16, 2014

Do not call -- National Do Not Call Registry has been notified. TYSM!!

Jim Carol commented on 313982  January 25, 2014


Jim Carol commented on 313982  January 25, 2014

Just testing this system.

sharon commented on 832259  January 16, 2014

Were r u

tyhn commented on 503776  January 13, 2014

text received about a credit card issue?!

7732933576 commented on 7732933576  January 8, 2014

Get Owner Details

My Info commented on 313882  December 29, 2013

Who is this

frank commented on 785341  December 13, 2013


brent commented on 5038036323  December 7, 2013


kenny gordon jr commented on 903269  December 5, 2013

Im tired haveing to log in all the time

sandy commented on 4802333445  November 28, 2013

hello Kevin Happy thanks" Does this mean I can't ever ask you for help.?I truly dont understand.thanks., Sandy

Elysa Neal commented on 414630  November 26, 2013

Hey sissy! Tell me wat im getting 4 C hristmas! Spill the beans!

Regina Neal commented on 414630  November 26, 2013

Hey was up sissy tell me what im getting for Christmas spill the beans

jose otero commented on 904786  November 25, 2013

long distance numbers from Dominican republic 809-884-5340,809-220-1111

Sydney commented on 903733  November 23, 2013

PLEASE tell me the name of the owner of this number because it might be my only way to contact my sister who lives 12 hours away I just need to know her last name please!!!!!!!

Melissa Garibay commented on 760985  November 22, 2013

Good luck to me

Melissa Garibay commented on 760985  November 22, 2013

My family could really use the winning we are struggling

Mona commented on 940247  November 14, 2013

Whos calling me

tonya commented on 423333  November 7, 2013


adebayo taiwo segun commented on 305319  October 29, 2013

I want to cheks my account

deepak commented on 773387  October 28, 2013

Jaipur, Rajasthan 7733874938

deepak commented on 773387  October 28, 2013


patty commented on 612817  October 15, 2013


sohan lal saini commented on 773756  October 14, 2013

oy aaya nahi na kamine

rrrrttttwrt@ commented on 787368  October 14, 2013


vikash sharma commented on 773389  October 12, 2013


vikash sharma commented on 773389  October 12, 2013


ajit commented on 773389  October 11, 2013


gabrielmorales commented on 787426  October 8, 2013

No puedo entrar a face book